Order regulations

Please read this text before the order:

You have to transmit the order to every friday AM 12:00 and the order comes on next wednesday. We work on friday to PM 2:00 so the sended emails after this time we can read only next monday. On monday we can accept only that order where we don't have to cut, but we can't guarantee that the order comes on wednesday, but we do anything for that.

In case of rush order, if the customer asks the trans sooner, we can execute it in two workdays,
but if so we eliminate 40.000 HUF+VAT delivery cost, except whet the orders value more than 500.000 HUF.

In case of order's regrets 30% is the cost of "storno", if it get into Helukabel's system.
It also valid if the order was verbal and also if the Linzi Kft. couldn't confirm if in writting.
sWe have never bought back the prefabricated- and cut- cables.

If your order is under 100 m the cutting fee is 4.000+VAT, except when we find a similar piece in german storage. Can't cut neither in return for cutting fee from: less then 10 m cable, or rather ring or spool stripping. It befall 5-10% plus in transport at cheap types. There is no cuttin fee at Linzi kft, but we can neither the ring and spool strippings, only in special stance (at thick or expesive product). You can order in that packing units what see in catalog, if you want it we can take lesser amount for 1750 HUF+VAT. Please conciliate wiht our contributor about these things in every order.

The delivery period is on the order-confirmation, you can come for the order from AM 10 at that day. We don't send information about onset, only if it has a problem with order - if the car is lating or the goods was stayed at the german storage.
(luckily it does'n happen. ).

Please, Keep the barcoded label from goods, because you have complaint we can identify the the transport with only that

We keep up the ownership while the pay wasn't done. The default interest is 15%.

The product's technical informations are in our catalog. We don't take responsibility for the bad chose and we don't buy back the goods. We accept only that complain where the cable electrical parameters wasn't correct.

We don't buy back the cutted and fabricated cables.


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